My Rules

They say there are two rules of Groundhopping.

  1. There are no rules
  2. See Rule 1


I believe there ARE standards – and for me that means…

• A ‘proper’ ground – minimum requirement

  1. Any ground in the top 10 levels of English football
  2. Any ground in the top 5 levels of Scottish football
  3. Any ground in the top 2 levels of Irish (north & south) football
  4. Any ground in the top 2 levels of Welsh football
  5. Overseas grounds which meet similar standards to the above
  6. Any other UK/Irish enclosed ground with an admission charge payable.
  7. No village greens, park pitches, school pitches, roped-off pitches for ‘Hop’ games, and any pitch with sheep-shit on it!
  8. No ground-sharers (except the owner/main tenant club)

• A ‘proper’ game

  1. A competitive fixture (league and bona-fide cup competition, inc county)
  2. No friendlies, made-up cups, women’s football, youth football, seniors or kids.

So I might not be the first to get to 1,000 but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that all my ‘ticks’ are 100% genuine football grounds.

I thank you …..

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