2021/2 Mid-Term Report

Tardy work on my behalf to be writing this now, given that the season is several months old, but TBH I didn’t expect to be seeing so much non-league footy, given how the last two seasons have panned out.

So I can report steady progress, given that my trip to London yesterday (Dec 4) was my 21st new ground of the season, and I currently have another 45 scheduled between now and the end of April. I’ve even managed to fit in a few games watching UCL table-toppers Long Eaton United, albeit just a short walk from my gaff. Of course my future plans depend very much on Virus control measures, not to mention what the Winter’s weather has in store, so all could yet go belly up.

Needless to say overseas trips are currently off the menu, which means the last 3 Irish league grounds will have to wait, as well as the dozen or so Dutch League grounds left for me to ‘Do’.

It’s deffo ‘Staycation Hopping’ for me this season…

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