So what has 2020/21 got in store….?

Who’d have thought that my trip to Haughmond (ground number 1002!) in mid-March would be my last footy fixture for nigh on six months? It’s been a strange half-year or so in which I’ve greedily banked all the cash that I would ordinarily have spent on relentless ground-hopping, but sadly watched my waistline grow due to the inactivity. Even a recent 15-mile jaunt round Dovedale hasn’t helped to stem that spread!

So what of this new season, and can I be arsed to get up at 4.30 every Saturday morning to make my obligatory rail or coach trip ‘darn sarf’?

Looks like my self-isolating car will be ‘order of the day’ for the foreseeable future, with target grounds being those with enough capacity to grant me entry without having to stand within twenty yards of anybody else.

I’ve got plane tickets and digs booked for my annual trip to Nuremberg in November, but if there’s any footy to be had it’s likely to be in the local lower leagues.

So what hopes for 2021?  Trips to Netherlands & poss Germany in February & April are on the cards, but a lot depends on what happens in the meantime. Until then I’ll just have to work on that waistline!

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