Another season comes and goes….

Well that went quickly!

2018/19 has officially finished for me, and yes I know there are still playoffs in higher divisions, and that some hoppers will be scrambling around looking for ‘Summer Leagues’ played on park pitches and cowfields by mainly pub teams and watched by 5 blokes and a disinterested dog, but not for me. I like my ‘close’ season just the way it should be.

But as I look back on another 70 new grounds over the past 10 months or so, I will start my planning towards 2019/20 and the real possibility that I might clear all the way down to Level 9 as well as make further inroads into Level 10. Completing the top 10 levels of the English league structure is still very much my aim, despite overseas distractions and a need to do more in Wales.

Plus of course, there is that 1,000th ground looming large, which I reckon should happen around March 2020. Should I make it a cracker, or just take it in my stride? Something to ponder over the next few months.

And maybe I’ll even find time to post the odd report or two, as I approach official retirement age.

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