2017/8 and all that…..

Well another season draws to a close and despite a dearth of blog entries (a mixture of lack of time and lack of inspiration!) you can see from the Twitter feed that I’ve still been doing plenty, despite a short spell in the Royal Derby (and that’s not a hotel….) which scuppered my annual trip to Berwick. Suffice to say, as I write this, that beer is currently off the menu, on doctor’s orders, which does cramp my style a bit!

But looking back on the season, I did manage to achieve my stated goal of bringing all my Step 5 leagues down to single figures, and although that’s been at the expense of a few Step 3 & 4 stragglers, many of those are 3g so best saved for when all else has failed.

So what’s ahead for the coming season? To bring all my Step 5 leagues down to no higher than 5 ‘needs’, whittle away at Step 6’s, and also those Step 3 & 4’s (11 of ’em) which have sneaked through my defences. Oh yes, and that new Spurs stadium too. I’m also looking to tick at least two more Highland League grounds, and also have a dabble in North Wales (holiday booked!)

Plus there’s always Ireland and Holland. Mind you, that depends on me getting my drinking license back. I can’t imagine going to either country and staying on the fruit juice. A man has to have standards!

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