The end is nigh (a bit earlier than I thought….)

No sooner do I set out my agenda for mopping up the last of my ‘one-to-eights’ (see last post) then cup competitions derail my plans and I have to rearrange, but in a good way. So now it’s Molesey on October 30th – sandwiched in between a couple of long-awaited London gigs for Nothing but Thieves and Gazpacho – before Phoenix Sports on November 7th, Slimbridge on the 14th and then Dorking Wanderers on the 21st. So earlier than I planned. Goodo.

I have to say that the visitor experience at FCUM’s Broadwood Stadium on Friday night was exceptional. Sure the ground is still work in progress, but with a bar selling cask ale, a bottle bar with a honey beer option, plus multiple eateries serving a variety of vegetarian options (including veggie burgers and sausages, felafel and pies) it puts most bigger clubs to shame. Needless to say it was back to the norm at Ashton Athletic on Saturday with the choice of pie being meat or… err meat.


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