I’ve been busy – honest!

Just to demonstrate that I’ve not been inactive since my last new ground tick, I’ve spent the last few months being busy….

I’ve gone and bought a Locomotive – well, only a Hornby loco, but it’s one that has been dear to my heart since I sold my original copy in part-ex for a Barathea Blazer in 1970. It’s a B12 numbered 61572 and if you want to see its big daddy, go to the North Norfolk Railway. I made my Ebay debut by bidding £35 for it and got it for £31. I’m not sure how that works, but I’m not quibbling. Now I can’t actually test if it runs because I don’t own any OO gauge track – yet! Give me time and space. The wife’s not keen about the space bit. She’ll come round……

I’ve been to see some T20. As a Leicestershire-born lad (and despite living in Derbyshire – spit – and following Forest) the Grace Road lads are my team, and so I impulse-hopped on a train and then a bus to take in the televised Saturday game against Derbyshite. Nice sunny day, decent crowd, and plenty of slogging in an entertaining game which my team lost. Apparently they’ve been good at that for the past couple of seasons. I wasted the first half hour of the game by trying to track down the programme seller. The truth dawned on me that they don’t produce one. All you can get is a 50p scorecard. So no info on any of the players I was watching. Surely missing a trick here – cricket groundhoppers be warned!

I’ve been seeking out micro-pubs. Yes, these new darlings of the CAMRA set are springing up on a street corner near you. I’ve been to Just Beer in Newark and the Little Chester Ale House in Derby. All very twee and duffle-coaty and popular amongst men of a certain age and women of a certain man. It’s not really a new idea though. In 1983 I opened up a former cocktail bar in Leicester as the Brewers Arms. We had four beers on handpump, one on gravity, and we sold no lager or spirits whatsoever. Having no lager kept the local nutters away, and my clientele of solicitors and bikers regularly faced each other across the Subbuteo table. 20 people in and the place was rammed. Now THAT was a micro-pub!

Roll on August 3rd


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