Busy week looming

Looking back at 2010 I seemed to have taken a bit of time getting into that new season. 12 months on I think it fair to say I am hitting the ground running, following up last Saturday’s MFA opener with a flurry of Southern League activity. I mentioned in a previous post about a South & West Triple Header from 20th to 23rd. Well I’m prefacing that with a couple of Central Division games, starting at St Neot’s Town on Saturday, and finishing at Thatcham on Wednesday (all being well) with a return visit to Twerton Park sandwiched in between.

I’m going back there because my first visit back in the 1980’s was for a Bristol Rovers game and although not a ‘hopping’ pre-requisite for me, I sorta like to visit a ground when the ‘landlord’ club is playing. So it’ll be Bath City v Wrexham on Tuesday night, and as I’m B&B-ing just round the corner, a bit of product sampling in the local neighbourhood won’t go amiss!

Tomorrow, I’ve a two-hour stopover in Peterborough which should see me have time for a Wetherspoons brekky and a ‘wet’, doubtless in the Oakham brewery tap to see if they have any darker beers on (I’m always hopeful!)


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