I love it when a plan comes together…

The convoluted affair that is the scattergun release of the lower league football fixtures is usually worth the wait, especially as the Southern League list announced on Friday justified my somewhat devious planning.

Aware that my better half and her folks were eyeing up the New Forest area as a desirable destination for 2011’s family holiday (ie lots of horses) I dutifully sourced and booked suitable accommodation, ensuring of course that it coincided with the opening chunk of the new footy season. My thinking lay along the lines of taking in one or maybe two new grounds during the week, but imagine my absolute joy as it was revealed that I have the opportunity of THREE!

Yes, it looks like being a Southern League South & West ‘Triple Header’ as I can fit in Sholing on the Saturday, Gosport Borough on the Monday, and Poole Town on the Tuesday … oh, and Poole Pirates speedway on Wednesday, just for good measure. I just need to make sure the holiday cottage is stocked up with copious quantities of wine, chocs, and weepy movies on DVD and it’ll be a good job, well done!

Roll on August!


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