Luverly weather .. not!

Don’t you just love the English weather eh?

I’m sitting here at 1.30 having just rung Heath Hayes to check the game is on, only to be told OFF, Waterlogged Pitch. Lucky I’d not trusted the Midland Football Alliance website which displayed no such information. A quick check round shows I could still get to Armthorpe in the North East Counties, but it’s a hour’s drive in dodgy conditions, so I make a snap decision – another blank Saturday.

What’s Coming Up? Well Simon, Nick, the Lad and I will be at the City Ground on Tuesday  for Forest v Preston (a rare gathering of the clans) while next weekend I’m in Scotland with Eagle Bobster for (hopefully) Berwick Rangers’ match at Albion Rovers. If that’s off I’m hoping Stenny’s all-weather track will give me an option. Either way mucho ale will be digested. The following weekend I get dropped off from a Conference in Stratford for a crawl round Coventry and a walk out to Midland Football Alliance club Sphinx.

Weather permitting!


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