I deliberately didn’t set out a schedule for the first three months of 2011 – due to weather uncertainties – but who could have predicted such a dire November & December 2010? To be truthful I’ve been lucky, my only games lost being the evening of November 30th ( I was planning a business trip followed by AFC Sudbury) and on December 4th (weekend in Brighton and a trip to Whitehawk – don’t tell the wife – scuppered!)

Even now I’m looking at December 27th with serious doubts as to the value of setting off from base-camp. There’s a do-able triple in the United Counties League that I’ve got my eye on, but it all depends if the anticipated mild spell arrives in time. The lad and I do have tickets for Liverpool v Wolves on Wednesday 29th so we have a fighting chance of seeing SOME festive football.

Then it’s New Year’s weekend. I’m still mulling over Saturday 1st, whilst on the 3rd I reckon an Isthmian double with Tilbury at 1.00 and Thamesmead at 3.00 could be an option. Let’s hope Mother Nature decides enough is enough and relents a bit.


2 Responses to Frustrating!

  1. Michael says:

    Know the feeling. Except for two games in Belfast I haven’t managed to see a match since the beginning of November. January 8th looks promising. For now.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Tilbury & Thamesmead double… that must be two of the least attractive Isthmian League locations in one trip. I had a pint at The Chadfields a couple of years ago and asked why they had two big dogs in the bar, the reply was that they have to guard each other!

    Safe travelling, managed to get to Whitehawk this afternoon in the freezing cold, though they did win 6-1. Go when it is warmer, will be a pleasent ground then.

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