Normal service might be resumed…

It’s a Saturday morning and I’ve lost something … I’ve lost the urge!

I know there’s some football to be had out there today but all I want to do is stay at home. The weather looks uninviting, I feel like you do the morning after a mega-session (only I haven’t touched a drop) and I’m conscious that the Red’s play-off match is live on TV at lunchtime. Follow that with a Sky Football Special zeroing in on the agonies of the last day of the Football League Season, plus the fact that I’m out tonight at my lad’s Under-12’s presentations, and I really just don’t want to go anywhere … and I won’t.

So it’s the end (possible play-off final notwithstanding) of another ‘punishing’ season. 58 matches taking in 53 new stadia and leaving me less than 40 short of achieving my target of every ground in the top 8 levels of English football. No doubt the end-of-season promotions and relegations will move those particular goalposts somewhat, as will the new grounds (Chesterfield and Morecambe spring to mind) about to come on stream.

But my thinking for 2010-11 is to take things a little more leisurely. My son wants to go to a few more ‘big grounds’ with his Dad and as he probably won’t want to know me in another three or four years time, I really ought to use the next few seasons wisely. There’s also the little matter of the estimated £3,000 I spend on match-days over the course of a season – times is ‘ard, as they say.

So this blog might not be quite as active next season. Having said that, who knows what renewed impetus a relaxing Summer might bring?


2 Responses to Normal service might be resumed…

  1. Brett (bbcgull) says:

    Well i hope the blog doesn’t quieten down as it is one of the best out there. Best wishes for next season and i hope to catch you on my trips next season.

  2. I’m with our friend bbcgull on this Chris. Even if you do cut down, please continue with your reports in your own unique style. ‘Big grounds’ they may be but you will have an opinion to share!

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