I was at Hillsborough on 15th April 1989, in the Forest end. I still feel guilt, as probably do many of the Forest fans, in that initially I misunderstood what was happening and was only thinking ‘When is this game going to restart?’. It took a while for the awful truth to sink in. It was only when I saw a group of lads put a coat over a prone body that I realised people were dying.

The police formed a huge cordon in front of our end, and seemed to be leaving the rescue work to members of the public. In my eyes they abdicated responsibility. Some people I have spoken to since see things differently. Many think the Liverpool fans brought it on themselves by arriving late and heading for the central ‘singing’ areas. My view is that it could have been us Forest fans in that end and that I might not be here today.

I left Sheffield stunned and silent and vowed never to go to Hillsborough again. I never have and I never will.


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