Mickleover Sports – Saturday November 1st 2008



If it rains, this is the side to be ...

If it rains, this is the side to be ...

Station Road, Mickleover, Derby

One of life’s shorter trips…
I haven’t really bothered much with what I call Level 9 footy (If you take the Premier League as Level 1 you’ll know where I’m coming from) but an evening requirement to attend a family fireworks function meant that my planned train away-day had to be postponed and it was the short car trip here.
The attraction (apart from the proximity) was to see two teams setting the pace in the Northern Counties East Premier Division. Mickleover Sports were taking on Hull-based Hall Road Rovers and I thought I might see a goal or three. That would be a change given my usual propensity to pick out the only goalless draw in a fixture-list full of thrillers.
Not today, but more of that later. First the important things.
I’d guess you’d need a car to get here. The ground is outside of the Derby ring road and unless poring over bus timetables is your bag, it’s a long jog. Local pubs are noticeably lacking (most of the ones I passed coming out of Derby were sporting To Let and You Could Run This Pub (as if the big pub groups would actually let you!) signage.
So the good news is a Pedigree pump clip on one of two handpumps sited on the bar in the Mickleover clubhouse (accessed from both inside and outside the ground). The other pump is apparently for a ‘Guest’ but there’s none on today.
The Programme (£1) is excellent and puts many Level 7 sides to shame (Bashley springs to mind). The food hut has pies and peas but no chips as far as I could see. All meat pies so me not being carnivorous I opted for a small but perfectly-formed cheese & onion cob (or bread roll, barm cake, stottie or whatever it’s called in your area).
You can’t walk all the way round the ground, as at least a quarter is railed off. The ball tends to fly over the fence at regular intervals so club officials, small boys and an enthusiastic local lady are self-employed retrievers. The only cover is on one side of the ground where a reasonably-sized 500-seat main stand has a couple of single-step, covered terraces for company.
Back to the match, and some goals for your blogster, with the local team making the most of their opportunities to triumph 6-1. Strangely enough the visitors weren’t that bad (except maybe at the back as you might have deduced) and more than one or two of the natives around me confessed that they probably played the better football for long periods.

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